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About Us

Welcome to SOS Ministry Church!


Hello and welcome! We are Allen and Deborah Pitts, Senior Pastors of Saving of Souls Ministry Church. We are happy to have you join in with us on this journey of love, under the leadership of Pastor Justin and Jennifer Deitrick.


Our vision is to see your life mature in Christ in such a way that yields love and understanding. Our mission is to spread the Good News of Jesus: God's love and grace. We desire to do this through drama, music, Biblical teaching, and technology. Our heart and prayer is to reach people both locally and around the world with this message of hope. We truly believe you can have victory in every area of your life, no matter your circumstances. God is love and He loves you.


We hope our site blesses you. We are here for you!


In Christ,


Senior Pastors
Allen and Deborah Pitts

Our Vision

SOS Ministry Church has a vision to see lives mature in Christ in such a way that yields love, understanding, and acceptance of one another in community.

Our Mission

We have a mission to spread the Good News of God's love and grace through drama, music, Biblical teaching, and technology, both locally and around the world.

Image by Sebastian Grochowicz

The Invitation

For most of us time is limited to under 100 years of life here on earth. The question is: What if you still exist after you die? There is no proof of this, but wouldn't it be to your advantage to prepare just in case? We invite you to seriously consider the possibility of life after death, and then consider this option: Jesus Christ. He is the Son of God and you can accept Him as Lord in your life. There is really no risk to accepting Him as Lord. If it's all not true, you would be back where you started. However, if it is true, do yourself a favor, try Him! Right? Right! It only requires that you talk to God, however you talk, with a sincere heart, that's it! Talk to Him, let him know you want Him to make Himself known to you. Ask Him to forgive you and tell Him you're willing to follow His lead. Then get ready to find out what so many have already found out: He lives!

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