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Senior Leaders

Allen Pitts was born to Bloomfield and Helen Pitts on May 9, 1956. His parents readily became evangelist shortly after his birth, and conducted street services, revivals, and home-based ministries. When Allen became three years old he demonstrated musical giftedness and a deep love for God. Many were astonished as he played the piano, organ, and guitar—and later he would learn up to thirteen instruments including the drums and horns.


Certainly, God had poured out a blessing on his family with such talent that complimented the ministry in such an inspiring way. As Allen grew, he also grew to love God more as he learned about God’s word, His ways, and His promises. He saw impossible things become possible, as so many were blessed through the ministry of his family.


Allen reached his teens years and used his gift of music to be a blessing to many ministries. He was without compromise as he refused to share his talents for secular purposes. He passed up many  opportunities to work with the rich and famous in the music industry. It was extremely important to him to only engage in music that brought glory, worship, and praise to God, while also edifying God's people.

During early adulthood, God blessed Allen to achieve great works in Art and Engineering Design. He never forgot his call to ministry, as he continued to be a committed partner in the 1975 establishment of Deliverance Missions for Christ Inc. (DMC), a church founded and pastored by his parents.


In 1983, Allen married Deborah Wicks. Deborah had joined DMC in 1975. As they both worshipped together, God’s Holy Spirit made it clear to them that they were called to be together. They have been married for 37 years. They have two daughters and two sons-in-law, all of which are active in SOS Ministry Church. God’s blessings continue to show up in the lives of this awesome family.

Their hearts and passion grow for all people to know the love of Jesus, experience God's grace, and encounter an intimate relationship with Him through the Holy Spirit.

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