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On January 16, 2010, Allen Pitts and wife Deborah opened up the doors to their home to accommodate the official launched of the Saving of Souls (SOS) Ministry Church, Inc. This was a landmark event for which they chose their wedding anniversary date for commencement.  As in 1983, when Allen and Deborah made their commitment to be faithful to each other and to be as one, in 2010, with similarity, they made their commitment to SOS Ministry Church. Since that date, every Sunday people have gathered for Biblical teaching, edification, sharing, worship, and to be a part of the birth of this end time ministry.  Partners in ministry are supporting Allen and Deborah with monthly “Bunch” meetings.  These meetings focus on events, communications, and tactical approaches to achieving the vision God has given the ministry.  Collectively, the SOS ministerial team and partners are reminded that SOS is the symbol of help, a cry for saving.  The SOS Ministry Church will always present the Gift of God’s salvation and plan for life with the same passion as a life raft to the drowning.  Those that have become a part of this work will grow in love and maturity as they share in the call to fill the great commission with integrity and fervor.


While SOS Ministries was official launched in 2010, the ministry was actually birthed as a support ministry in 2003 within Deliverance Missions for Christ Church of Philadelphia, where Allen Pitts was ordained in ministry under the leadership of Rev. Helen Pitts Miller.  Monthly, Sunday afternoons became a place and time at Deliverance Missions for Christ Church for believers to take a deep dive into the mysteries of the Word; to learn practical application; to be reminded to stand and while standing make a difference.  Allen would facilitate these sessions in a way that engaged those that attended and challenged the nonbelievers who, from time to time, would join in on these services. The goal was set then, to see lives mature in Christ in such a way that yields love, understanding, and acceptance of one another. At that time, Allen and Deborah had not the vision, dream, nor thought, that they would be called to take SOS Ministries to a new level of expansion.


God in His omniscience knew then what SOS Ministries now knows.  He knew they would be called to spread the Good News of God’s love and grace with the biblical teaching, drama, music, technology, locally and around the world. He knew He was opening up a path to lead Allen and Deborah outside of their original location and scope to reach those far and wide that are dying with a silent cry for help.  God has now started to unveil His purpose and has given Allen and Deborah the vision, focus, and drive, to meet the challenge and call of an end time ministry.

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