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When you partner with us we become friends. We pray for you as you grow in God's love and grace. We encourage you to seek God and His righteousness. We exhort you to share the Good News about Jesus with those around you. Learn about what some of our other friends are doing to lift up the name of Jesus.


Unplug from the culture of the world and reconnect with what really matters. Join me as I share my thoughts on things that will last beyond this life.


I am a follower of Christ. My purpose for this channel is to provide humor, gain insights, provoke thoughts and most importantly share the love of Jesus Christ.


My name is ChrisiEvie (Christina Evie Savage) and this channel is dedicated to Jesus Christ and the joy of being in a relationship with Him!

FaithHope Mama

FaithHope Mama was inspired by my three daughters, Faith, Hope, and Zoe. It is a channel devoted to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior!


It's good to know that we have a hope and a future and, in all that, a Heavenly Father to direct our paths.

Wonderfully Made

Oh happy day, the purpose of this channel is to define the standard of beauty from God's perspective.

Mike R

Check out these bible nuggets with Michael Reid. This is a common sense approach to reading the Bible.

Creator's Image

I believe God created beautiful works of art and specifically stamped His image into humanity.

Friendship Request

We are glad that you would like to become friends with us. It is much more than being on a mailing list. It is partnering with those who have the end goal in mind: God's kingdom come, and Jesus, the Anointed One, exalted. Our prayer is that you will prayerfully consider supporting this ministry through prayer and finances.

If you are ready to take the first step then please complete the form below.

Thanks for partnering with us! We are so glad to be called friends!

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