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No Worries For The New Year.

"Only one thing is needed" (Luke 10:42; 1 Peter 5:7; John 14:27; John 11:25)

Sometimes we are so distracted by the need to serve Jesus we do not take the time to enjoy Jesus. We do not take the time to listen and learn from Him to find out what is really important in life. We get confused, distracted, and conned into thinking and believing that ceaseless activity produces lasting importance. But this is not true.

Mary was free to be herself in Jesus' presence. She sat there listening to His words and just enjoyed being with Him. That was all that was needed.

Where else should we take our cares, frustrations, and disappointments? To Jesus—take them to Jesus. He knows about them anyway and we can always be open to the Lord. Even if we have complaints, we should take them to Jesus. We can cast our cares on Him. He cares and can do something about our situations. It is important to come to Him in faith believing that He is able.

Jesus speaks peace—trust and believe. Jesus is the resurrection and the life.

We have the light of life and need to remember and believe that He is the Christ. We should place the right importance on sitting quietly in His presence and then sit quietly in His presence. We can be confident of His love for us because of all He's done in giving His life for us. Plus, spending time with Jesus builds our relationship with Him. Spending time with the Word of God, Jesus, builds our faith. We can trust Him to be our friend. We can allow Him to stretch our faith and show us what the power of God can do. No worries for the New Year. Let's build our relationship and rest in Him.

Declare The Word:

I realize only one thing is needed. This is a good year and I want to seek the Lord and His ways. With His Spirit and by faith I will seek Jesus. I will seek God and His kingdom first. I will sit quietly before Him and trust in Him. I will grow in my relationship with Jesus this year. He truly is my Savior and I trust in Him with all of my heart. God be my help.

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Tim Wicks
Tim Wicks
Jan 26, 2022

Only one thing is needed…

Awesome God.


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