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Use a Mouth Guard

"And when the vultures came down on the carcasses, Abram drove them away." -Genesis 15:11 (NKJV)

What is most important in your life? Your family? Your house? Your career? We protect what is most important to us. We shop for the best health insurance for our families to protect them from health issues, we install home security systems to protect our homes and we work hard to ensure our job security. While we do all these things, I’m pretty sure we leave the most important thing vulnerable.

God desires for us to be the head, not the tail. His way of doing things is not burdensome or complicated.

In fact, if we protected this one thing, we would enjoy a worry-free life in every area.

Abraham was about to become the father of many nations and prosper in the land God had given him. He had left his home country following the Word God told him. In the moments just before the covenant with Abraham was sworn in by God walking between the sacrifices prepared, vultures came down threatening to thwart the covenant.

Jesus illustrated in a parable that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy like birds that immediately come to eat the seed that was planted. The Word that is planted in us is watered when we read, meditate, listen to and speak the Word fully believing that it will come to pass.

You have a blood covenant with the living God that’s far greater than your job contract. He is greater than any situation you face and you have the blood of Jesus backing the covenant on which you stand. Your words are what determines whether your seeds produce fruit or crop failure. Guard your mouth by only speaking faith-filled words that are in agreement with His Word. It will drive away the vultures and any other seed stealers, ensuring victory in EVERY area of your life!

Declare The Word:

According to Proverbs 21:23, I GUARD my mouth and my tongue and keep myself from trouble! I acknowledge that the power of death and life is in my tongue and I CHOOSE LIFE! I give control of what I say to You, Lord. Guard my lips, that I would ONLY speak what is in agreement with Your Word. I PROTECT IT with my life!



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