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A Matter of Life and Death

"You’re familiar with the commandment that the older generation was taught, ‘Do not murder or you will be judged.’ But I’m telling you, if you hold anger in your heart toward a fellow believer, you are subject to judgment. And whoever demeans and insults a fellow believer is answerable to the congregation. And whoever calls down curses upon a fellow believer is in danger of being sent to a fiery hell." -Matthew 5:21-22 (NIV)

What is in your heart determines what comes out of your mouth and ultimately what is called into existence. What you say about someone even when they aren’t present will have an affect on them. Words are not limited to proximity. If you say words of anger about someone, you are killing them.

Jesus said in Mark 11:23, “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.

When you really grasp that whenever you say something and combine it with faith it will be done, you realize the power of words. You begin to watch what you say knowing that careless words can have disastrous affects.

Jesus only spoke what He heard the Father say. There were times when He had words to say about the people speaking against Him, but refrained out of obedience to the Father. It’s critical that the believer only say what the Father says about others. There are things that He wants to come to pass and needs someone to partner with Him to call it into existence but if you are caught up in speaking your thoughts and opinions, you’ll be creating a mess rather than breathing life in places that need the Father’s touch.

I experienced this when the Holy Spirit gave me words to say to a friend of mine and I saw them come to life as the day went on. The enemy speaks thoughts into people trying to get them to believe things that the Father doesn’t see and only He knows what they need to hear. Often, when people speak harshly, it’s because they are believing a lie that says, “You aren’t loved.” Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, I smiled and said, “You are a joy to be around.” I could see what the Father saw so clearly. This person was a joy to Him and so, a joy to me.

Our words are a matter of life and death. It’s critical to learn from the Father how to use them. His words are Spirit and they are life! Believer, use them well!

Declare The Word:

As a child of God, the power of life and death is in my tongue, therefore I choose life. I only say what my Father says and I only do what I see Him doing. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I use my words to build up what needs to be built up and I tear down what needs to be torn down.

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