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God Healed My Toe

When I was 16 years old one of my toe nails got infected and developed bacteria on it. Over time it became a yellowish color, very thick and brittle. I prayed and tried homeopathic methods for healing, but nothing kept the fungus from coming back. Over tens years later, I went to the doctor and they prescribed me a cream to help clear it up. I used the cream, but it was not helpful in keeping the bacteria away.

Someone gave me a book called The Authority of the Believer and How to Use It by Dr. Billye Brim. I read the book and the Holy Spirit taught me about Jesus and His authority over all things which God has given Him. One day I prayed over my infected toe by faith, in Jesus name, with His authority, and with thanksgiving. Months later, I realized my toe was looking better. Some time went on and it started to look more normal. My toe was completely cleared up around 2018 and has been ever since. You cannot tell that anything was ever wrong with it.

My toe is completely healed! I give God all the glory for healing my toe and I now better understand how much He cares for us and longs for us to walk in the authority and power of Jesus—just as Jesus did when he walked here on earth. It is not by our strength and power, but by God's. We just get to be partakers of His great anointing. We have His Holy Spirit living on the inside of us and He gives us power.

Jesus healed my toe and I give Him all praise and glory for it!

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Can you help me pray. I'm dealing with an infection


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